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Financial Information When You Need It

Making your financial decisions easier.
One at a time. Many in a lifetime.

Every age and stage of life comes with different financial decisions. That’s where MyStages ® comes in, providing information and insight about commonly encountered financial decisions when you need it at no cost with no obligation.

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Early Career

Gain insights into the financial journey of your early career. Discover the importance of financial literacy, avoid common mistakes, and make informed decisions.


Navigate your mid-career financial journey effectively with the right strategies. Are you getting the financial advice you need to reach your goals on time?


Prepare for a predictable retirement journey with effective preretirement planning and ensure financial security for your future.


Secure your financial future during retirement with effective retirement planning strategies. Expertly manage your money and maximize your savings.

Break Your Lifetime Financial Journey Into Smaller Stages.

Envisioning your lifetime financial journey can be overwhelming. That’s why we divide your lifetime financial journey into smaller stages; early career, mid-career, preretirement, and retirement. Each financial stage offers information about many commonly encountered financial topics.

Early Career

You started earning money. Your lifetime earnings could be millions. How can you manage that money to cover your monthly expenses while pursuing your long term goals (retirement, buying a house, starting a business, funding a child’s education, building your own wealth, etc.)? Financial planning can add clarity to your financial picture, for today and tomorrow.

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You’re accumulating: starting a family, buying a house, earning more, and accumulating wealth. How do you preserve your interests today with a financial strategy for tomorrow? The goal is to gradually change from you having to work for money to your money working for you. That takes financial planning.

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You’re starting to think more about retirement and you have questions:

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  • Have you saved enough?
  • How will you make the change from work income to retirement income?
  • Do I use my 401k/IRA during my retirement years?
  • Do I need a Social Security strategy?
  • What are the benefits of hiring a certified financial planner?
  • Do I still need life insurance?
  • What is long term care and is it covered by Medicare?
  • Are my investments taking risks in my comfort level?
  • Will I outlive my income?
  • How do I know if I’m “on track” if I don’t have a “track” (a financial plan)?

Because you will have the fewest options to change your situation when you stop working and are older, it’s important to make informed decisions when you set up your retirement. As you can see from the partial list of bullets above, that’s a rather long checklist. Will you get it all right?


The word retirement means something different to everyone. From a financial perspective it’s about sufficient income you’re not a burden on others, managing big expense risks (like long term care expenses), and starting to think about legacy planning—how to efficiently leave your wealth to others.

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Financial Wellness

Financial wellness is where information meets application.

You’re probably a savvy shopper for the things you purchase very often. You know the choices, the prices, what you need, and where to buy it.

Financial shopping is different because it’s not routine. It may involve much larger amounts because you’re saving, investing, or paying for something of greater potential value (money for retirement, a substantial amount of life insurance coverage, etc.). That makes it not only difficult to become good at it but the stakes are higher.

The decisions, however, are no different than any other product. It’s information you lack. MyStages® can help you bridge that information gap so you can make more informed financial decisions—one at a time, many in a lifetime—helping to improve your financial wellness.

The money you earn over a lifetime may be substantial. Planning how your money will work for you may make a big difference to your financial wellness.

The Info You Need to Put Your Money On a Mission

An important financial decision puts your money on a long term mission to fund your life goals (funding a child’s education, your retirement, building wealth, etc.). MyStages® can help you understand the financial decision you’re encountering and your options.

Financial First Timer?

Not being familiar with a type of decision increases the risk you may make a costly mistake. When it comes to putting your money on a long term mission, each mistake may be repeated each year and compounded over time. That may be costly. MyStages® can help you become a more informed financial consumer, which has benefits, including:

  • Helping to improve your financial position
  • To help relieve stress
  • Giving you the confidence and comfort that you’ve made an informed decision that’s right for you and your family.

DIY or Hire a Financial Advisor?

Still need help after viewing MyStages ® information? You’re always in control. Get answers to financial questions by scheduling 15-minutes with a MyStages® consultant. No cost. No obligation.

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