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Retirement Financial Planning

It’s one thing to plan for retirement income.  It’s quite another to understand how your investments become retirement income you’ll use every month in retirement.   That’s really what you want to know.

If you’re like most people, you want to understand the plan and know the plan is viable–that it makes sense.  You just want your monthly financial needs to be met so you can pursue your interests–the things that make life worth living (family, hobbies, friends, etc.).

Now there’s a practical, rubber-meets-the-road retirement income planning strategy you might like.  It’s called NextPhase Retirement.

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The NextPhase Retirement Program – Explained in 4 Steps

  1. You invest money into the program
  2. You and your financial advisor determine the duration of the program (generally 20-30 years), an expected inflation rate, and discuss other aspects to customize the program with your financial advisor.
  3. The program operates during your retirement, providing you income.
  4. At the end of the program, if designed that way, the NextPhase program returns your original investment to you.

NextPhase Details

Each segment represents five years of your retirement.  People generally choose the program to last 20-30 years (4-6 segments).

Segment 1 – Your monthly income is always provided from Segment 1 funds, which is generally in a financial vehicle not tied to the market.  This is often in a fixed income strategy that helps to ensure your monthly income is distributed on-time, every time.

Segment 2 – Your money is in a conservative investment or a financial vehicle, generating a reliable return.  Segment 2 funds will be used to fund Segment 1 at the end of Year 5.  (Segment 3 funds will fund Segment 2, etc.)

Segments 3-6 – Your money is incrementally invested in longer duration, more strategic investments as the segment number money increases.  Segment 5 may have more strategic, risky investments than Segment 3, which will need to fund Segment 2 in five years.

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Software Viability-based

NextPhase software is used to analyze the compiled client data, assumptions, preferences, etc.  to help ensure the viability of each customized program for the duration of the program.  Each client is presented with a customized retirement income report.

Annual Review & Retainer

The client and financial advisor choose the asset manager(s) and have access to the most updated competitive products to use for each NextPhase segment of the program. The advisor meets with the client at least annually but is also available throughout the year, as necessary.

Benefits of the Program

What was missing in a retirement income strategy was a way to organize all of the complex elements of a retirement income strategy in an easy-to-understand program. NextPhase does that.

Where NextPhase Fits

Income generated from the NextPhase Retirement program creates a reliable layer of monthly income on top of a Social Security benefit and other layers of income per the client’s available resources.

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The NextPhase Retirement Appeal

Clients like the NextPhase Retirement program because they know the money they plan to use as retirement income is always buffered for five years or more from market volatility so they don’t worry about that. They also like the flexibility to increase income to help keep pace with inflation, if necessary.

They like that they have access to their money should they need it.

They like the ability to understand how their money is working for them as a simple visual with the details available in a customized accompanying report.

And they like that NextPhase is an established program that’s been used for years, by thousands of Americans before them, and is the program vetted and adopted by one of the largest financial networks in the US, not any one advisor.

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