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Mid-Career Investing

Do you like the apps on your phone?

Apps help us be productive, they entertain us, and they empower us to do so much more than without them.

Today’s financial planning software has features which resemble apps.   You load your financial data into the software and each “app” helps to develop a different part of your financial life.  And the apps work together to show your financial position today and tomorrow based on numerous assumptions.

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Many Uses

When you’re in mid-career financial planning mode, you’re seeking financial answers to your busy life.  The cool thing about financial software is that once your data is loaded you can run “what if” scenarios.

“What if” . . .?

. . . I retired at this/that age?

. . . I contributed more each month?  How much sooner could I retire?

. . . Will I have enough if I live to age 100?

. . . How much do I need to save so my child has enough for college in 18 years?

. . . and so on.

There’s minimal effort needed to update your data and your linked accounts are updated automatically so you can check your progress any time in real time.

More Uses With More Precision

The suite of “apps” in financial planning software has a wide variety of uses.

Financial Priorities – Allocate money where you need it most and immediately see how this affects your overall positions.

Saving for Retirement – See how one or multiple accounts are performing and can perform based on “what if” assumptions.

Long Term Wealth Building – Check your personal balance sheet, looking at individual accounts or as an aggregate figure.

College Expenses – Track your progress toward funding your child’s education.

Risk Management – Compare projections using higher and lower investment risk profiles.

Mortgage Financing – Some financial planning software compares leasing vs. buying (cars, houses) and how much a mortgage payment may be based on inputted rates.

Goal Setting – Peter Drucker, a successful management consultant used to say :  “If you can measure it, you can manage it.”  Imagine having control over your financial journey so that you could see where you are and where you’re projected to be in the future.  Seeing your financial destination and how you can get there may be the motivation you need to act to get there.

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DIY or With Advisor

There are two ways to use financial planning software; to do it yourself (DIY) or to have the help of a financial advisor or planner.

Choosing the DIY route is generally less expensive but you’ll have to figure out what you need to gather, what terms mean and how each affects you, and while you will be able to see you output based on your input, you have to learn the software yourself.

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Do It Yourself (DIY)

There are two types of DIY financial planning apps; free and subscription.  Be aware that you may be subject to advertising campaigns if using a free app.  (The money to run the app has to come from somewhere, if not from a subscription service.)

Some DIY vendors:

MintPersonal CapitalSavologySimplifiEveryDollarYou Need a Budget

Financial Planning



Get Financial Planning Help From a Financial Advisor

You are likely to find financial advisors using one of three of the leading financial planning software apps; eMoney Advisor, MoneyGuide, and RightCapital. Each product has tiered versions (from standard to premium tiers) and they each do a thorough job of characterizing your financial position.

Click here to schedule a 15-minute consultation with a financial advisor about creating a financial plan that fits your needs.

Are You In Control?

Any important project today comes with its own dashboard, offering controls, metrics, and gauges to help you control the experience.  It’s ironic that our financial journey may be among the most important projects because having the financial capability to pursue our life is unquestionably important.  Yet, few Americans have as much control over their financial journey as they would nearly any other project they manage.  Today, it’s easier than ever to change this for the better.

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